quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2009

Mama Rosin

Cyril, Robin e Xavier são meus amigos da banda suíça Mama Rosin, além de grandes sujeitos levam um som foda cheio de energia e alto astral. Tive o prazer de vê-los mês passado aqui no Rio.
A ilustração ainda não está terminada mas estou gostando do resultado e quis postá-lá de presente de natal para a banda.
Aqui vocês podem conhecê-los melhor: http://www.myspace.com/mamarosin

Cyril, Robin and Xavier are my friends from the swiss band Mama Rosin. Besides beign great guys their music is great, full of energy and very good mood. I had the pleasure of wathcing their gig here in Rio last month.
The illustration isn't finished yet but I'm enjoying the result so far and decided to post as a christmas gift for the band.
Here you can know their music: http://www.myspace.com/mamarosin

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Nico Di Mattia disse...

Muy bueno Ernesto!!! felices fiestas XD próspero año nuevo. Un ABRAZO ENORME

Anônimo disse...

thanks! because of you a discover an original group of my country...that's life! a brazilian show me swiss treasures. You succed, like ofen, to translate their univers in your draw, and i think it's an honour to be a source of inspiration for the big ernesto! I hope one day you could work for one of my project!i think that you discovered the author;) little lala

Carlos Tarragô disse...

eh isso ae primo!!!

DJErnesto disse...

Hi Ernesto, what a beautiful picture!! I'm friends with Cyril & Robin and I'm happy to see them in your version/vision. We released their latest (Black Robert( on our Label gutfeeling records (www.gutfeeling.de). I also wrote a Post on my Blog (http://gehtinordnung.blogspot.com/) using your Picture, hope it's ok...?


Ernesto (it's my nickname...)

Greetings from